A science-fiction novel by Tom Battey.

Available for Kindle, £2.00.

In a utopian future powered by free energy, disillusioned researcher Ethan Ryan searches for the hidden truth about the Nanetic Network, the technology which holds the world together.

When he uncovers information that the all-powerful KineSys Corporation would rather keep buried, Ethan is thrown into the dark underbelly of society, where he must face the consequences of his perfect civilisation.

Amongst the nation’s lost souls, he finds the answer he’s been looking for; a secret that could undermine the KineSys Corporation and shatter their fragile utopia.



After what feels like an age of editing, Answer, is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store for the bargainous price of GBP2.00 (that’s two english pounds).  Get it here!


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