The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

With the third part of Scott Lynch’s excellent Gentleman Bastard sequence, The Republic of Thievesrecently hitting bookshelves and therefore my Kindle, I decided to rekindle (ha) my hazy memory of the series by working my way through the first two novels again.

I’m glad I did – it’s cemented the series as one of my favourite modern fantasy ventures, and Lynch as one of the best fantasy authors currently writing. If you’ve not yet been introduced to the world of Locke Lamora and friends, now’s a great time to start.

Come for great twisting plots of intrigue and larceny, and stay for the cast of charming characters and the solid vein of wit that runs throughout. Lamora never becomes bogged down in its excellently-realised fantasy setting, doesn’t get carried away with its own lore, instead using its world a framework for its gleefully bent cast to carry out their ever-more-outlandish schemes in scintillating style.

As much a crime thriller as a traditional fantasy novel, Lamora is excellently paced, keeping the reader constantly on their toes and throwing them for a loop more than once with some seriously affecting plot twists. Pick it up if you’ve even a passing interest in fantasy or thievery, and check out more of the excellent things Lynch is working on here.