No updates in a while, largely because I’ve been busy finishing up work on the novel that was once called The Clockwork Princess, but will now end up being called something else.

The trouble, you see, is that between me starting the novel and finishing it, someone else went ahead and released a book called Clockwork Princess. Being as I don’t have substantial evidence to prove that I in fact originated the use of the words ‘Clockwork’ and ‘Princess’ in the title of a book, I guess my book’s title is going to have to change.

Cue the rather agonising process of picking a new name for it. I’ve been calling it ‘The Clockwork Princess’ for so long that the very thought of it being called anything else is terribly uncomfortable. Currently I hate all the alternative names I’ve come up with; there are about 50 or so. Eventually I will realise that it’s not really that important and just pick one, but until then, I shall agonise.

In videogames-related writings, I wrote a piece about Telltale’s The Walking Dead roughly a year after everyone else already wrote a piece about that game, having finally manned up and finished it, and criticism of David Starkey’s musings about Bioshock Infinite‘s accessibility led me to write about accessibility in games in general, which generated a fair bit of discussion over at Gamasutra.

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