Current word count: 36,065

One thing’s for certain; I find it difficult to stick to any sort of schedule. I’m not sure how many weeks it’s actually been since I started writing this, but it feels more like 3 than 2.

The NaNoWriMo people break the challenge down into a totally-manageable-sounding 1,667 words per day, I target I have so far completely failed to stick to. Instead, I seem to write in bursts;  today, according to their stats, I’ve written 4,994 words.  Over the weekend, I managed to write no words at all.

So this isn’t exactly running like clockwork, but it is definitely going somewhere.

I am once more ahead of the average schedule, but only because I know I’m likely to write exactly nothing at the weekend again. Even with weekend lapses, though, I’m looking on schedule to finish on time.

I’ve also got a definite direction I’m taking the story in now – I know how most of the main storylines are going to go, and how the novel as a whole is going to end. I have completely written one character’s story arc now, and am reasonably happy with how the whole thing is looking.

The objective now is to finish off all the major story lines and then see where the novel is at as a whole. If I’m still a few thousand words out, I have some other material I can work in that will gel the whole thing together a bit more.

So on the whole, it’s a positive middle-ish of the month. There are only 10 days left now, which still doesn’t seem like enough, but with my current progress, I’m pretty sure I can get this done. Whether the result is actually worth reading, of course, is another matter entirely, and something I’ll only be able to tell much further down the line.

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