Catbox An experimental virtual pet with a responsive personality. Download from Catbox is an experimental virtual pet designed as part of my final Masters project at the London College of Communication. The game features Catbox, who [...]


Download from Midsummer is an immersive narrative experience set in the world of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. This short proof-of-concept allows you to explore the enchanted wood of the classic play, meet some of the cast of characters and influence the outcome of scenes using your fairy magic. Midsummer was created for the 2016 Off The [...]

Theatre of Memory

Theatre of Memory is an experimental project, developed in a month by a small team of researchers, game designers and artists, and looks to provide a new way for museums and galleries to present heritage narratives through a digital interactive medium. Designed as a touch screen app with the potential to be displayed within heritage institutions [...]