The following represents the document component of my submission for term 3 of M.A. Games Design at the London College of Communication.

Critical Play

The first part of my submission is a design document outlining my development of interaction models for creating a personalised narrative experience in a videogame. The document gives a brief overview of my research into personalisation, my proposed models for creating personalised narrative, and development details of my experimental game Midsummer. More a more detailed overview of the whole project can be found elsewhere on this blog.

The second part of my submission is Final Major Project proposal, outlining the work I will undertake towards the conclusion of M.A. Games Design in December. I intend to investigate virtual pet design as a way of examining how players engage with on-screen characters, and will develop a virtual pet to test various hypotheses informed by my research into interactive character studies, social psychology and A.I. design.

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